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Thank you for your interest!  I’m a writer and a reader, I enjoy both.  And one of the subjects I enjoy is preparedness, in fact and in fiction.  I’m a practical person, and I like to look at the big picture too.

I’m available to write articles and short inserts on all aspects of preparedness. As for my skills and my writing style, all the content here is written by me, this writing is what I can offer. I have a varied, extensive background in charity administration, finance, astronomy and counselling and therapy, and all of those can inform my work.  I have a sense of humour too, as some of my posts will confirm.

I’m open to collaborating on any topic in the preparedness arena, including review opportunities. If you would like to explore that further, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can explore how we might work together on preparedness issues.

In fiction, I read books from John Wyndham to David Crossley and Alex Scarrow, via Larry Niven and William Forstchen across the pond.  I originally found preparedness from science fiction, actually, and a big moment for me was when I met Larry Niven in his kaffeeklatsch (chat with the fans!) at the Chicago World Convention, back in 2000.

In factual writing,  people worldwide like Shane at theplacewithnoname writing about Hurricane Katrina, Ferfal who writes about Argentina, Lisa at The Survival Mom in Texas.  The down to earth blog and forum, based in Australia is a precious global resource.  In the UK, there are forums like UK Preppers and Ludlow Survivors, and websites and blogs like Survivalist Chick, PrepperGirl UK, or even Ray Mears’ site, or Transition Cambridge.

As well as writing this blog, I’ve started to write preparedness books, and I published my first one earlier this year, on kindle: Getting Home In An Emergency, by Jay Whiteley.  I was really pleased at the reviews it got, and I’m currently planning my second book, this time about water.

You can contact me by email at innerteenager@yahoo.co.uk (just copy and paste) or by using the comments section on any page on here, and you can join me on Pinterest  too if you’d like.

The kindle book, and this blog, also appear on Goodreads.


6 thoughts on “About/Hire Me

  1. Nice post, a very dedicated researcher. Women have been known to use urinals in my misspent youth attending rock concerts it was not unknown and did cause raised **************

  2. Hi Kev! The urinals thing is about avoiding infection, isn’t it! Rock concerts do lend themselves to all sorts of goings on, it’s true. I was at one on a beach where there was no possibility of reaching toilets, and a group of women sort of sheltered one another while crouched down on the shingle to have a pee! If it went on for long, of course, it would create an infection problem all on its own…. still, I’m glad you’re liking the research, I do enjoy it and I think its useful in the long run.

  3. Hi InnerTeenager. Am happy to authorize you to copy anything from my website with relation to duckweed, (credits natch.) Love your website! You ARE a writer, that is certain. Cheers, Tamra

    1. Hi Tamra, thank you so much! My last few posts have been about using the public part of our gardens for preparedness, and I’m just about to finish off by writing about ponds, so your site will be a great resource to mention (and as you say, credits, natch), and then to point people towards, I think its brilliant.

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