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I thought this might help navigation on the site, especially in the long term: plenty of my earlier posts are still valid (the series on money, for example – the specifics change, but the principles don’t).  So here it is, the most recent first:

Keeping your body cool.  Pets’ bodies too

Keeping cool at home

It was snowing!

EDC: travelling in the UK

Escaping railway stations

Maintenance, body and mind

Happy Christmas

Maintenance, physical and digital

Preparedness Fiction

Acid Attack

Coping with extreme hot weather

Vehicular terrorist attacks

Rocketry, the culinary version

Dangerous animals in the UK Part Two

A Death in the Family

Dangerous animals in the UK Part One

Floods and Gas Explosions in Norfolk

September Foraging

RICE: a new-to-me medical acronym

Lightning Strikes!

Dangers on the beach


Taxation!  Argh!

Processing the harvest, even in February

After a terrorist attack

Caught up in a terrorist attack

Safety preparations in case of a terrorist attack

Recognising the terrorist thread: UK government guidance

Ponds – front garden and otherwise

Front garden borders for preppers

Front garden prepping

English Country Life blog

Space weather preparedness: a Faraday cage?

Space weather preparedness: UK government report

Amazon search box

“Getting home in an emergency” kindle book

Dental care part 2

Dental care part 1

Widespread electricity failure, National Risk Register

Smaller scale radiological attacks, National Risk Register

National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies March 2015

Humour, Ypres and my everyday carry

Ypres and it’s lessons for prepping

Pandemic avoidance, part 2

“Getting home in an emergency” kindle book

Pandemics and infection avoidance

Volcanic eruptions

Money and preparedness, part 2

Money and preparedness, part 1

Overview of growing houseplants

The Christmas tree wall hanging

Phone communications: landlines

Getting locked out of your house