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This is what I’m talking about. 

English Country Life the storecupboard is full

I think I’ve known the author behind ECL for maybe three years, online. I peeked into UK preparedness forums a few years ago, and there he was, posting huge amounts of smallholding and other information, complete with how-to pictures.  He’s a fantastic example of both sustainability and preparedness.

And it turned out he was extremely generous with his time in answering individual questions too: he’s helped me with all sorts of things. The most recent was this spring, when I had an invasion of cluster flies, he was helping me with how to identify what was happening (it was a shock to me!) and how to deal with it. The underlying issue is important in terms of preparedness, too: if local pest control, whether private or council, can’t or won’t deal with whatever you’ve got going on, you have no option but to deal with it yourself, or see your property insecure and undermined.

The other issue he really contributed to was a novel I’m writing, in the background of everything else that’s going on, an Alex Scarrow meets John Wyndham kind of thing, and in this case meets Dr Who as well. I wanted a Dr Who tribute, of the destruction of part of Cardiff, the way the modern Dr Who does it constantly, and Mr ECL (or MOTH, the Man About The House) was really helpful about that too. Other forum members joined in, and it turned into a great exercise.

The blog he and his wife are writing is much more down to earth than that, of course, it’s why it’s so valuable. The latest current post is on how to make your own pectin, with 13 photos explaining the process. The previous post had been about drying apple rings – which makes sense, because the pectin was made with the leftovers from the rings.

It’s impossible to recommend this blog too highly.  I strongly recommend you hop over there and take it in.

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  1. It really is, isn’t it, Kev! I love the level of detail in the pectin post, it makes the whole thing achievable for other people too.

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