New kindle book “Getting Home In An Emergency”

The author: me!  Seriously …  And its free for three promotional days, from Saturday 28th March, this Saturday.  Hopefully, that’s enough notice for those of you who’d like to read it.

I started to write it simply because it was a subject that really interested me, and that was very relevant to me: if there was a wide-scale problem that stopped all public transport and impacted private transport too, how would I get home?  I live in a fairly small town, and when I go out, I’m almost bound to be leaving it, unless I’m just popping out to the bank or something.  And its a perfectly normal thing for me to go to London for the day, which is about an hour’s journey for me.

You’ll see many preppers, and even more survivalists, talking about “bugging out”.  Since I don’t have brilliant health, any bug-out that I do is likely to be to the nearest hotel, or to my sister’s house.  But bugging home, that’s another matter – being able to get home in safety from wherever I am, no matter what craziness is going on around me.

The book isn’t an instruction manual so much as a talk-through of the ideas and issues that you’d need to get your head around if this kind of event were to happen.  It focusses on London because so many people either work there or visit there, but the ideas can be applied nationally.

I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a review after you’ve read it – positive, if you possibly can, ha!   I hope to be writing other books, including a fictional story about a slow economic collapse,  and I’ll let people on here know about that too.

Thanks for reading!

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